San Diego Fitness Event

One of our goals at The Pannikin Building (in addition to hosting gorgeous weddings!) is to break the mold and do things different. For us, this comes in many different forms. One is our mission to support COMMUNITY.

This building has been so many things over the years. If only the walls could speak...literally! We want this space to continue to be integral part of the downtown San Diego community and the Historic Gaslamp District.

So when we were approached about hosting a San Diego fitness event called The Sweat Series with Babes Who Sweat, we jumped at the opportunity! Fitness, along with community, is a huge passion of our ownership at The Pannikin Building. It was a match made it heaven! Keara McCullough, founder of Babes Who Sweat, did an amazing job putting on this event. Complete with yoga, pilates, HIIT, healthy food brands, local San Diego fitness instructors...features from brands like Lululemon, healthy snack options from local San Diego businesses...and so much more!

Take a tour of this fun, creative event!

Watch the video of all the action!

Venue: The Pannikin Building | Event: The Sweat Series by Babes Who Sweat | Photos: @changeisbeautiful | Video: Babes Who Sweat Network

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