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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Downtown San Diego's Newest Event Venue

Maybe it was my mom’s dinner parties growing up or maybe it was my early obsession with brides (I called them wedding girls), but I’ve always loved events. The special something worth celebrating, the intangible magic of the day; and let’s be honest, the chance to get all dressed up.

We used to walk by Seagrove Park in Del Mar growing up and every Friday and Saturday, without fail, there would be a wedding in progress. I’d stop, stare in awe, begging my mom “But pleeeeeeease can we watch?!”

I LOVED watching the process. The bridesmaids being ushered into line, the neat rows of fresh white chairs, the flower petals tossed on the aisle with thoughtful imperfection. Every detail just so.

I still love the process. I love an intricate plan put gracefully into action. I love the success of a beautifully executed event. It’s enough to make me stop in awe every time.

Later when I planned my own wedding, my friends and family laughed as I described vision after vision, and created spreadsheet after spreadsheet. The life’s result of a little girl who’d been dreaming about my “event” for a long, long time.

I love the “show” of putting on an event. Early on in my career when I put on large scale track meets, I loved the feeling when the first starting gun would fire, springing the event into action. Like a treadmill you’re afraid to jump off of, all while loving the fluid feeling of the running motion. Not able to stop, but not necessarily wanting to anyway.

I love the buildup, the excitement, the thrill of the unknown, the magic of making vision come to life.

I’ve always dreamed about an event space the way I always dreamed about my own wedding. I remember shortly after my own wedding was over, thinking “But I want to do it again!”

And now, in essence, I get to.

The Pannikin Building feels like a convergence of skills and experience and dreams and perhaps, a little bit of luck; all exploding in unison to make a little girl’s dream a real, living, breathing, business reality.

When I think of the WHY: why I love events, why I love event space; why, when I was presented with this opportunity, a little voice in my head said, “DO. IT.” Why I listened to that little voice and actually did the damn thing.

And, luckily, I know the reason to all the why’s. It’s because of the power of dreams and the power of vision. I want The Pannikin Building to be a living, breathing canvas for people to imagine their wildest event dreams and let us help paint them into reality.

I want people to ENVISION an event and afterwards, DREAM of its magic and relive the thrill and excitement of the day. And to do so for the rest of their lives just like I do my own wedding day.

The Pannikin Building is just that—a building. But it’s really so much more than that: it’s a beautiful, unique, historic downtown San Diego building that will serve as a blank canvas for event creation. And within its historic brick walls, we will walk alongside our clients as they envision, imagine and create their own dream event.

Weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, showers, concerts, art shows, workshops, networking events, luncheons, charity galas…it is my hope that we get to create it ALL.

I hope we get to partner with YOU. I hope we get to help to create your event that you will dream about for the rest of your life.

And I hope, selfishly perhaps, that my own visions and dreams are given life at 643 G Street.

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