Industrial Chic Inspired Wedding

When Alexis and Adrian over at Together For Better Events approached us about creating a styled photoshoot at The Pannikin Building, they had a great idea: what would our DREAM wedding be in the space? If we were to get married again, this time at our very own venue, how would we envision our day?

Personally, we love contrast. We love the idea of combining "industrial" with "chic". Metal with wood. Traditional with eclectic. With little more than "I love industrial chic design", Alexis and Adrian created our wedding vision, and so much more!

So how do we envision a dream wedding in our space? The first part was easy: a neutral pallet with lots of lighting to highlight the natural materials in the space. Eucalyptus garlands and string lights. Cream and dusty rose florals with a highlight on the natural greenery. Soft tones that didn't compete with the brick.

Alexis and Adrian not only captured our feel, they literally created an industrial chic chandelier themselves! We didn't know we were missing this amazing chandelier in our space, until we saw it in person. Wow. They truly out did themselves. Draped with eucalyptus garlands, wrapped with hanging string lights...wood table mixed with metal was a table scape made from heaven.

While our building brings rich history to it's look and feel, it's not your traditional hotel ballroom (thank goodness...right?!). We knew a traditional ceremony arch wasn't the right move. We teamed up with the gals over at 1311 Collective to bring in their custom wave wall backdrop. Strung with a gorgeous eucalyptus masterpiece by Mindful Magnolia, it was the perfect neutral ceremony backdrop to accent the brick.

Every good wedding needs a lounge and when we thought of a dream wedding in our venue, we thought the guys needed some love. Comfy leather couch to lounge out with a craft cocktail. This lounge by at Witty Rentals came together so beautifully. The groom seemed pretty stoked too.

No wedding of ours would be complete without custom craft cocktails by none other than Snake Oil Cocktail. They are the classiest of class acts in San Diego. With a "Cheers" sign so perfectly highlighting The Cellar bars, Snake Oil whipped up the dreamiest of drinks. Believe it or not: they actually taste even better than they look.

While one wedding dress for your special day is the traditional move, we always thought the idea of having two dresses sounded like even more fun. One for the formal ceremony and one for the party later. Combine that with our love for rompers, it was natural that the second look had to be a white jumpsuit. Judging from the pictures, it was one of our more genius ideas. Nothing says confident like a white ladies jumpsuit, right?!

Against our better judgment, we put the bride and groom up on the wall to pose with COME CREATE. We are now prepared that every bride and groom is going to want to recreate this shot, but it was really just too good not to capture.

Finishing out the day with some shots on the city sidewalk, it felt like the perfect urban wedding day.

Thanks to our amazing team of vendors for creating this masterpiece!

Venue: The Pannikin Building | Design & Coordination: Together For Better Events | Photography: EMRY Photography | Florals: Mindful Magnolia | Dress: The Dress Theory | Bridal Hair: Jessica Hanley Hair | Makeup: KP Mua | Bar Service & Custom Cocktails: Snake Oil Cocktail Co. | Marquee Sign: My Marquee SD | Tabletop: Hostess Haven | Furniture Rentals: Witty Rentals

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